Vehicle Shipping / Import Export/ Storage

 Provided Services 

  • Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) Service
  • Vehicle Sourcing
  • Container Shipping/Importing
  • Large Package or Palette Shipping/Importing
  • Store To Ship


Complete and view the following documents that apply to YOU.


Pinku Style Pre-Shipping Form: Downloadable PDF ( click on file, open in your choice of PDF editor to complete )

1) Pinku Style Private Shipping Procedures Military Members: Downloadable DOC

2) Pinku Style Private Shipping Procedures Non-Military Members: Downloadable DOC

3) Pinku Style GOV Shipping Procedures: Downloadable DOC


Send FULLY COMPLETED ONLY PDF to with proper subject title

Pinku Style Pov Shipping , Chuck Norris , 1972 Hakosuka to Freeport Texas

If you have issues attaching pictures of title and car, please attach directly to email.

For Storage inquiries, please complete the pre-shipping PDF with basic car information for the car you want as well as tentative storage start/finish date. Storage information will be provided to you at that time with pricing. 



  • Vehicles are store outside with UV Covers
  • Cars started every Monday
  • Cars moved every Two weeks
  • Performance work/service while in storage can be reserved
  • Cars are washed as needed or every three weeks
  • There is only one option for storage and that is stored from a set date to a finish date on secure/surveillance lots. The amount of storage is as long as you need. The amount of time is paid out in full without question.
  • Should you terminate storage early I will refund up to remaining 60 days.
  • There are previsions being made for indoor storage but will not be available until next spring at the soonest at which rate will cost 350.7yen per day
  • Storage break down is 192.6yen per day at this time. For your record it is best to use a date calculator to find out how many days you will need.




*Note 1: Vehicles not PERSONALLY owned and sold directly by Pinku Style are bought at the buyers own risk. Pinku Style will exercise all pre-caution to insure the vehicle is as sound as possible however, hidden and un-exposed issues are not a responsibility of Pinku Style.


Basic Vehicle Sourcing Guidelines: 


Multiple vehicle entry document: Pinku Style Sourcing Request Document  ( click on file, open in your choice of PDF editor to complete )

A Fee of 150usd up front ( non refundable ) will get you three vehicle sources only additional vehicle sourcing will cost more

  • Vehicles that are not 25 years old must be stored at Pinku Style after purchasing 
  • Vehicles that require work prior to shipping will be billed accordingly 
  • Full quotation will be provided once the purchased is locked in
  • Provide the following basic information for your request:

*Note 2: The more you request the harder the vehicle will be to find and the more fee's required up front


*Note 3: Pinku Style offers all performance services such as engine building, painting, tuning, etc before shipping and or while in storage please inquire.


Watch the process of a basic delivery to port:






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