Online Parts Purchase

Pinku Style Parts Purchase System

Pinku Style DOES NOT search for your item, you the consumer must find what you need with links provided below.

Links are provided ONLY when you are 110% ready to purchase and have already submitted your package fee and not before.

Sourcing Location

Primary sourcing sites but not limited to:


(All sites automatically translated with the latest browsers)




Pinku Style can help with the procurement and shipment of items from Japan to worldwide receivable destinations.

This service is setup to help customers purchases without the use of 4 middle men.

Customers can provide links  after purchasing their package for purchase to






Limits/Rules of Engagement:


-Orders which exceed $500usd total must be submitted via US bank transfer
 -Items with less than 12 hours lefts can't be acquired and should wait for re-listing
 -Item(s) can't exceed the combined total dimensions per package of 330cm (130in) if shipped via regular parcel
 -Item(s) can't exceed the combined total weight per package of 31.7kg (70lbs) if shipped via regular parcel

  • Oversized shipping is available at cost to be determined AFTER the item has arrived to Pinku Style and not before

 -Sourcing package(s) must be purchases before your order is processed (Each item carries it's own fee if buying 3 parts must select the proper package each time) 

  • If you are local Misawa you don't require a purchase package, you will pay at the counter

 -Prompt decision (buy it now) items only 
 -Bid items will not be handled at this time without exception!!!
 -All payments once invoiced must be paid within 15 hours of the invoice 
 -Pinku Styles currency for purchases in Japan is Yen. Your order will be based on the local exchange rate of the day.
 -There are ZERO returns or refunds for items ordered. Please study your picture carefully and ask questions
 -No remote shipping, ALL items must process through Pinku Style
 -No Items will be cut in half. Mechanical disassembly is allowed at extra cost
 -Wheels will not ship with tires.
 -Items can't ship with fuel or oil and will require an additional cleaning fee ( price case to case bases )


Parts Order Hours of Operation 

Monday through Friday

0945-1500 Japan Standard Time

( Hours are subject to change always )


Please study the time zones, Pinku Style hours of business only apply to Japanese times with observation of Japanese holidays.

There will be delays on items shipping to Pinku Style during major Japanese holidays.



Flow chart as follows:

1)Package(s) level Small/Medium/Large)/Part purchase 

2)Paypal Fee's

3)Shipping/handling in Japan to Pinku Style

4)Shipping/handling to Customers destination


(Select from below Local will pay yen)

  • Small Items: $28.90usd ( Per order/item )
  • Medium Items: $56.50usd (Per order/item )
  • Large Items: $156.50usd  ( Per order/item )



-Pinku Style's fee's reflect only Pinku Style processes and are non-negotiable in any way.
-There are special circumstances were the process will cost more, you will be made aware before engaging.


Payment Method's

Paypal (Fee's are customers responsibility)

Bank Transfer (Message for banking information)



-Items are shipped via Japan EMS, Sagawa, Black Cat, Seino and  Japan Air/Ground. The most affordable option of shipping will always be presented first.
-Transit times on items average between 6-12 days for small items and 1-2 months for large items
-Items are processed and shipped out in the order they are received
-Tracking and Insurance is placed on all packages for the full value




Pinku Style assumes no responsibility for items broken in shipping and should be taken up with the mailing company with provided  documents and pictures if needed of original packing.

  • Large Item Package

    Large Item Package

    Ordering this item level allows you to order items that fit the following example criterion: Brake Kits Wheels (Sets and Pairs) Tires Differential Transmission Parts Aero ( that doesnt exceed limits ) Door Cards   After submitting your...

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  • Medium Item Package

    Medium Item Package

    Ordering this item level allows you to order items that fit the following example criterion:   Manifolds Valve Covers Headlamps Tail Lamps Turbocharger Helmet Intake system   After submitting your payment(s) Please send your...

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  • Small Item Package

    Small Item Package

    Ordering this item level allows you to order items that fit the following example criterion:   Boost Controller Wheel Spacer Badges Emblems Lights Stickers Magazines Filters Brake Pads LEDs     After submitting your...

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